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An interview with Wednesday Studio

If you’ve ever thought about going into business with a friend or business partner, you’re probably aware that it’s not always as rosy as it might seem at first. Competing goals, styles and personalities can make it hard to go into business with even close friends, and we’ve all heard stories of friendships ruined by bad business partnerships. In today’s episode, we talk with London-based Wednesday Studio who dive into some of the challenges and benefits of partnering up to form a studio.

Daniela and Iria from Wednesday Studio specialize in short-form 2D content and have worked with some big names such as Microsoft, Airbnb, and the Huffington Post. They offer insights into how to put together a freelance team, the logistics behind managing remote staff, and why having a group of freelancers based all over the world can actually help you get things done quicker. If you’re organized that is.

We also got the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of having representation versus being a solo freelancer. How one over the other can actually give you more opportunities, and it might not be the one you are thinking.

Have you ever worked with a friend? How did it end up? What were the biggest struggles that needed to be resolved? Please leave a comment below!

In this episode

  • Why having a contract is absolutely necessary to begin a project, and what you should include in one
  • The pros and cons of having representation vs going it alone
  • How important is social media when it comes to finding clients
  • Advice and tips for starting a studio
  • How to find and hire quality freelancers to work with on larger projects
  • A handy list of tools for working remotely

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