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Social Media Guide for Motion Designers

The ultimate stress-free guide to creating a year's worth of social media!

Use your existing projects to create content that will get you noticed, win you new clients, or land you your dream job.

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We all know that having a robust social media presence is important. It can help you:

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Raise your profile
in the motion design industry.
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Build a network
of other designers you can learn from and collaborate with.
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Attract new clients
who wouldn’t have found you otherwise.

Social Media is great for finding the latest work from an artist whilst also concisely summarising their range of skills. Instagram is an invaluable asset, allowing us to swiftly match freelance artists with the projects that may need support within the studio.

Henry Purrington, Animation Lead at Golden Wolf
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But it's HARD, right?

It can be daunting...

to create fresh new content every week.

It can be scary...

to put yourself out there and show your work.

It can feel impossible...

to stay consistent when there’s a ton of other stuff to do.
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...Or it can be easy.

We developed the Social Media Guide for Motion Designers to help cut through all of the hard stuff and make it easy for you to post engaging, quality content that takes no time at all.

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How the Social Media Guide Works

We've used our years of industry knowledge, along with platform-specific best practices to create a fool-proof formula you can use to plan and create content like a pro.

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Create content from stuff you’ve already made.

You don’t need to produce brand new motion design projects every week to get seen on social. Plan out as many as 52 posts with as few as SEVEN existing projects.

Get inspired by the work of other motion designers

Let their work fuel your ambition and help you generate creative ways to think about how and what you can post on social media.

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Create a social presence that’s uniquely you

This is not a generic template or a guide on how to copy other people. It's a tool to help you figure out your unique voice, engage with your followers and apply best-practices to all your social media posts.

Plan out an entire year’s worth of content with no stress, in no time!

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to come up with content ideas. We’ve done it for you - just follow our lead...

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My network is probably 95% people I've met through social media. I've definitely gotten much more work requests as my audience on social media has grown. It's given me a lot more opportunities through people recommending me after seeing my work on Instagram and YouTube.

Ben Marriot, Freelance Motion Designer & YouTuber
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What's actually in the guide:

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52 ideas for weekly posts.
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Tons and tons of inspiration to draw from while creating your own content.
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Insights and tips on what works (and what doesn’t) on social media.
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Resources to help you schedule posts, manage your feeds, and measure your success.
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A built-in system for tracking your growth.

The best bit: It’s free!

Download the guide right now to get started on building an amazing social media presence.

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