How to build a great motion design portfolio

Do you need help with your Motion Design Portfolio? 

We reached out to some of the top studios and companies in the motion design industry and asked them “What do you think makes a great motion design portfolio?”

We compiled their answers and compared the most common results to figure out what the people who hire motion designers actually want to see in a portfolio. 

From our research and from speaking with hundreds of motion designers in our Mograph Mastermind Program we created this Motion Design Portfolio Checklist.

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“The first thing I want to see is their showreel. Then if there are some nice bits in
there, I’ll look for the full projects..”
-Karl Doran, Flow Creative

You should download our motion design portfolio checklist if:

  • You’ve updated your portfolio once and then forgotten about it.

  • Your showreel needs some TLC and doesn’t showcase your best work.

  • You aren’t sure what is necessary to include to attract your ideal client.

  • You don’t know what work to add to your showreel. 

  • You aren’t clear on what makes a great Motion Design portfolio or showreel. 

  • You don’t know how much information to put on your website.

  • You’re aren’t sure how much of ‘you’ you should put on your website. 


“The About page. It’s so underutilized… seriously. Companies hire people they
like and trust, so show them that you’re likeable and trustworthy.”
-Joey Korenman, School of Motion

This Portfolio checklist will help you:

  • Have a Motion Design Portfolio that will bring in your ideal client.

  • Know what to include in your showreel.

  • Tell you what to avoid putting on your Portfolio.

  • How to showcase your best work.

  • How to have the best Project page.

  • How to make you stand out from the crown with an About page that speaks to your ideal client.

  • What you should include on your Contact Page.

You can get all of this for free in our handy checklist that you can tick off to make sure your Motion Design Portfolio is the best that it can be.

Download your checklist now for FREE! 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our research to make this awesome portfolio checklist for motion designers.


“In terms of the selection of work itself, maybe quality over quantity. Only include
your best, six bangers are better than 20 that consists of a dud so bad that it
brings down the whole median perception of your abilities.”
-James Taylor, Arcus Animation Studios