How To Build A Motion Design Career That Works For You

An interview with Joey Korenman

Are you brand new and figuring out how to start your freelance career? Maybe you’re at the point where you’re trying to decide if you should attempt to scale your business to become a studio as opposed to an individual freelancer? Wherever you’re at, we cover it all with one of the top motion design educators in our industry!

Joey Korenman is the founder and head instructor at School of Motion, author of the Freelance Manifesto, husband and father to three cute kids, and all around awesome human-being. After taking his freelance motion career from freelancer to studio he realized that his true passion lay in education, and he shared enough of that knowledge with us today that you’ll leave with your head spinning.

We dive into how to set the course for your life and career with an exercise called The Perfect Day and how to adjust and reevaluate your actions based on that ideal day. Joey also shares his take on the best way to make yourself stand out as a freelancer, and why you shouldn’t let the idea of lack of work scare you from freelancing. We also spend some time gushing over one of our favourite business educators and podcasters.

Are you currently working a corporate job but considering freelancing? What scares you most about making that leap? Please leave a comment below!

In this episode

  • The importance of systems and having great help
  • “The Perfect Day” exercise and how can it help you determine the career (and life) choices you make
  • The importance of validating your ideas before diving in fully
  • How to get your foot in the door with big clients as a new freelancer
  • How should you best handle revisions with your clients?
  • The pros and cons to branding yourself as a studio vs an individual freelancer
  • How to deal with pushback on your pricing

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