How To Balance Personal With Paid Work To Be The Best Designer Possible

An interview with Irene Feleo

When we first get started in the world of motion graphics, we often have dreams of working on endlessly fulfilling creative projects, always working in our preferred style. Needless to say, it doesn’t take most of us long to realize that this isn’t the way the industry works. This, however, is all the more reason to continue refining and experimenting with our own style, to keep inspired, and eventually attract new clients.

Irene Feleo is originally from Australia, but now lives in New York, and has a history of balancing freelance and full-time work along with her own personal projects. We speak about how having a full-time gig not only helps you pay your bills but also helps you gain skills that you need to succeed, but how at one point, her job lead her to what she calls her quarter-life crisis.

Irene shares the importance of having a community and how participating actively within the community can help you gain insight, make friends, and get referrals. She also speaks about the need to create on your own terms and how those passion projects can ultimately lead you to some amazing clients. Plus, we explore the use of social media to put your work out into the world so that branding agencies can fall in love with your esthetic and pursue you.

How do you balance personal projects and paid work? Have you ever had a personal project lead to a paid gig? Leave a comment below!

In this episode

  • The importance of having your own style and aesthetic
  • How your personal projects can lead you to a lot of great clients
  • Why community and social media is such a powerful thing and how to use it to grow your relationships
  • Do you need a contract when you’re just starting out?

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