How to get hired by companies like Facebook as a motion designer

An interview with Sabina Curry

Sharing your work and asking for feedback is nerve-wracking. It’s a vulnerable place to put yourself, but as today’s guest emphasizes, it may be the most important way to furthering your career and growing your craft. If you want your career to take off, you have to take chances. Today, Sabrina Curry tells us how she did it!

Sabrina is a motion designer at Facebook and former animator at College Humor. Her road to landing a coveted position at this giant company is truly fascinating and illuminating and full of actionable tips.

We talk about exactly how Sabrina became a motion designer at Facebook, and how she’s still not sure exactly how they heard about her to begin with. Sabrina has a feeling it happened because she was willing to put her creations out in the world and listen openly to the feedback she received.

Sabrina and I go on to discuss what it’s like working at a huge company and how they foster a supportive work-culture so that everyone feels comfortable sharing their creative ideas. There’s so much valuable advice in this interview. I’m so glad that Sabrina could come on and share it with us all!

Have you learned any important lessons by sharing your work with others? Tell us about it in the comments below!

In this episode

  • The process behind landing a job at a major company like Facebook
  • The importance of asking for constant feedback on your work
  • Advice for interviewing at a large creative or tech company
  • How sharing your work and getting feedback is absolutely crucial
  • Sabrina’s strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome


“Sharing your work is the best thing you can do, whether it’s good or bad. Sharing my work over the years has been the reason I’ve been able to get anywhere. You can’t get opportunities if you're hiding from them.” [12:25]

“What is good and what isn’t can be completely different to someone viewing your work. So I think it’s best to get comfortable with sharing your worst sometimes. You might be surprised with how it resonates with some people.” [14:28]

“Understanding that you’re always going to be in this constant cycle of learning and growth helps you get more comfortable with knowing that you’re not an imposter. You’re just in one of those fields where you’re always going to be a student, and that’s okay.” [26:47]

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