A legal crash course for motion designers

An interview with Jaime Lieberman

Let’s face it, we’re motion designers, not legal experts. But in this business, there are myriad legal concerns from understanding contracts to protecting intellectual property. This all may seem scary, but as my guest will tell you, they are nothing to be afraid of.

Jamie Lieberman is a founder and partner in the US-based law firm Hashtag-Legal. She specializes in working with creatives, content providers, and service professionals, many of whom work online. Jamie is an expert in copyright and trademark law and helps make sure her clients are informed and protected in these important areas.

As motion designers, there is a ton to consider when it comes to protecting intellectual property. We discuss how a lawyer can be essential in making sure everything is in order in regards to protecting your work. It’s important that we have good contracts that are very specific when it comes to who owns what is being created. Jamie speaks to the importance of creating a business, such as an LLC, to protect yourself as a professional and its importance for anyone in the creative fields.

How comfortable are you that your work and business is protected legally? Let me know if the comments below!

In this episode

  • How lawyers can help motion designers with their businesses
  • Forming an entity, such as an LLC, to protect yourself and your business
  • What you need to consider if you’re starting your own studio or have employees
  • The role of contracts in protecting yourself and lending your business legitimacy
  • How to use your network to find the lawyer who is right for you
  • What intellectual property is and how to think about it from a legal and business point of view
  • What should be included in every contract you enter into


“If you’re generating income it’s important to form a business in order to protect your personal assets.” [9:45]

“Your lawyer should be a partner in your business, and that I cannot stress enough. So if you approach a lawyer and they feel scary to you, walk away, look for somebody new.” [18:28]

“Saying no to deals is not bad. It has to be the right deal. You can’t just take deals just because you’re getting deals, because you’ll end up resenting that client and it won’t make sense for you.” [29:09]

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