How To Make The Leap From Full Time To Freelance

An interview with Mitch Myers

Many of us struggle to make the transition and shift from agency or studio work to independent freelancer. In today’s conversation, we go in-depth on that first year of freelancing and all the mindset shifts that it requires.

Mitch Myers is a freelance motion designer who specializes in 3D. He talks to us about his transition from agency designer to freelancer, including the fears he had when making the decision to switch, how he researched and decided his pricing, and the mindset changes he had to make going from employee to entrepreneur.

Mitch offers insight into how he’s navigated the first year of freelancing, and how he plans to move forward with years two and three. We also discuss how he found his first clients starting out, as well as the details of a major project he was offered his first month freelancing. He also offers advice to designers considering making the leap into freelancing.

Are you thinking about taking the leap? Have you already done it? Let us know how Mitch’s interview resonated with you in the comments below!

In this episode

  • Factors that can ultimately push you to decided to make the leap into freelancing
  • How Mitch found his first clients at the beginning, and how he uses what he calls the “Cool Project Discount”
  • The importance of niching yourself down versus being a “jack of all trades”
  • His unique pricing structure and how he researched and established his pricing in the beginning

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