Episode 20:

Hayley Akins


6 tips to avoid burnout and achieve your goals

I don’t know about you, but it often feels to me like there’s a pressure in our industry to always be doing absolutely everything at once. Client work, personal projects, posting daily to Instagram, reaching out to potential clients, updating websites, and oh, don’t forget about family, friends and actually living your life! With all there is to do to move our careers forward, it’s easy to burn out and end up moving backward, so this episode I want to share 6 tips to avoid burnout and achieve your goals.
In this solo episode, I’m going to dive into some techniques and strategies I use to help me move my business and career forward, that you can apply to your own career. I share some of my favourite tools, both online and physical, how to use your environment to destress and focus on long term goals, plus one of the most useful time management strategies I’ve ever come across. I’d love to hear which of these strategies you’re already using, what jumped out at you, or any other tips you have for avoiding burnout and moving forward in your career! Leave me a comment below!

In this episode

  • How to avoid the pressure to always be doing everything at once which can lead to burnout
  • How to set up your physical space to help you disconnect, reflect, and strategize
  • The importance of establishing an accountability partner or group
  • Why you need to be writing your goals down and sharing them


“Take a week off and sit down and focus on your goals, where you’re going with your career and in your business, and think about what you want to focus on next. I think it’s really important to focus on the bigger picture and try to figure out what we want to do with our lives.” (2:50)

“Have a space that you associate in your mind with relaxing, so you don’t have tv there, maybe it’s just a certain chair in the corner of the room and you have some nice plants there.” (5:32)

“What’s the one thing you can do today in your career so that everything else will become easier or unnecessary. It kind of works like a domino effect, so what’s going to create that effect where if you knock down that first domino, it’s going to make all those other dominos go down easier?” (6:32)?

“People with written goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than people without written goals, and if you tell a friend that goes up to 78%” (8:09)

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