How to use your network to move your career forward

An interview with Caitlin Cadieux

How much networking do you do in the motion community? Have you ever done a speaking gig? Even though these might not be first things that come to mind when it comes to advancing your career, they’re the kinds of practices that can make a huge difference, especially if you don’t live in a location with a lot of motion designers.

Caitlin Cadieux is currently an animator for The Atlantic. She grew up in Oklahoma and currently lives in upstate New York, both locations which are lacking in much of a motion design community. Today she tells us about how she integrated herself into the motion community online instead, and how that’s helped her move forward in her career.

She also talks to us about convincing a more traditional company to let her work remotely, as well as where the motion community is currently hanging out online. We also discuss her recent appearance as a speaker at the NAB Conference, and how speaking can open up doors for you!

How has the online motion community added to your life or career? Let us know in the comments!

In this episode

  • The changing perception of remote working in a traditional company
  • How she broke into the motion design industry living somewhere with no motion community
  • Where the motion community hangs out online
  • The power speaking gigs can have on your role in the community


“I’ve done stuff with physical media [while working remotely] that would be a lot harder to do in the office.” 5:34

“I’m pretty introverted… but cultivating an extroverted side is really beneficial in a lot of ways.” 24:16

“I don’t have a cool Nike campaign to show, but there’s an audience out there that’s similar to how I was not too long ago, and that’s who I want to talk to.” 33:47

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