How To Travel The World As A Freelancer

An interview with Magoz

Have you ever dreamed of working on the road? Do think it is even possible to work as a motion designer or illustrator digital nomad? Our guest today is the perfect example not only that it’s possible but that it can positively influence your work as well.

While originally from Barcelona, Magoz calls himself a nomadic illustrator because he has built his career while traveling pretty much non-stop. He has a very unique style which incorporates his love of minimalism and simplicity, and has made him highly sought after by some big names in the business.

We dive into how he maintains his career while on the road, the power of sharing your knowledge within your community, and we even discuss what are the new hot spots for digital nomads. If you want to leave the office life behind and grab a hold on everything the world has to offer, we’ve got you covered.

What have been your top concerns about working while traveling? Have you ever attempted this lifestyle, and if so, what were the pros and cons? Leave a comment below!

In this episode

  • Some of the best ways to find new clients
  • Tips and tricks for maintaining a business while traveling full time
  • Pro’s and Con’s of having a distinct style versus being more of a generalist
  • The importance of sharing your knowledge within your creative community
  • How can travel and being a part of the global world give you more opportunities to find clients?

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