Episode 02:

Lilian Darmono


What You Need To Be Asking Potential Clients Before Starting Work

It’s no secret that when it comes to careers and business, the pay, opportunities, and accolades are not always distributed equally. It’s often easy to point to the corporate world as the prime example of this, and overlook that these same inequalities are present in the creative fields as well.

Lilian Darmono joins us again for part 2 of our discussion, and in this conversation we dive deep into her experiences confronting bias and inequality as both a woman and a minority, and how she’s bringing similar stories to light through her Spectrum series of interviews.

She also gives some amazing pieces of advice regarding how to improve your negotiations, what you should be charging as a bare minimum, what are the must ask questions prior to bringing on a client, and why you should always have a contract (even though the thought of sorting one out might scare us).

What are your experiences dealing with bias in the motion graphics world? How did you deal with it now? Please leave a comment below!

In this episode

  • The most important questions to ask a client before you begin to work
  • How do you decide on pricing? Daily rate or set fee? What’s the minimum we should be charging?
  • The importance of always having a contract
  • Should we shift from a time-based economy to a result based economy?
  • Tips on how to improve your negotiation skills
  • Should we be thinking about unionizing as an industry?

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