Episode 04:

Andrew Embury


Why Collaboration Is The Best Investment You Can Make

Any freelancer knows that the freelance life is filled with sacrifice, struggle, and risk, especially when we’re first trying to get established. Andrew Embury is no stranger to these challenges, and joins us on the podcast to give us some insight into his personal struggles and the tools that helped establish him as one of the best-known motion designers around.

Andrew is a self-taught director, producer, and editor of motion design who could easily boast about his Emmy nomination if he wanted to. But he isn’t into self-promotion so you won’t hear about it from him. He does, however, give us some great advice on the importance of collaboration and community and how those two things have helped him move his career forward. We also talk about how time management and setting clear expectations and boundaries with clients can transform your freelance life from hectic and stressed to calm and super productive. If you want to break free from your struggles and get clients based on the quality of your work, then this podcast is a must listen. How important is the sense of community in your life? Have you ever got a client referred to you by someone in your community?  Let us know in the comments below!

In this episode

  • How solving your client's problems can be more important than just making pretty work
  • Why being organized and setting boundaries for your projects can lead to having a successful motion design business
  • How participating within your community and collaborating on projects with others can lead you to more work through referrals than you ever thought possible

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