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What is the Mograph Mastermind?


Being a freelance motion designer can be lonely and sometimes you need other people to bounce ideas off and hold you accountable.

Being part of our motion design mastermind program helps you to stay on track, get things done and move towards your goals.

So whether you’re just starting out as a motion designer or you have been running your own business for a while, The Mograph Mastermind will help you get the most out of your motion design career.

What is included?


Access to our
Mograph Mastermind Slack

Weekly live calls online with your mentor and other Mastermind members

Access to your
Mastermind mentor – offering guidance and expertise

Mastermind Mentors

Our Mastermind Mentors will help facilitate each live video session and also be on the slack channel answering questions and providing encouragement in between calls.  

Hayley Akins

Hayley is the founder of Motion Hatch and the host of the Motion Hatch podcast. Her aim is to provide the motion design community with the knowledge and resources they need to build businesses they care about and do work they love.

On her podcast, Hayley talks to influential motion designers about their lives, careers and how they run their businesses. She also speaks with entrepreneurs, accountants and lawyers to get their tips and advice on best business practices for freelance motion designers.

Hayley has worked in motion design for 10 years, her clients have included Google, The Gates Foundation and the United Nations. Hayley is passionate about working on projects that have a positive impact on the world.

Jess Peterson

Jess leads business, operations, and concept development at Mighty Oak, an award-winning creative studio specializing in hand-made animation and design.

Her background in music production and museum communications taught her how to solve problems, tell stories, and connect with audiences. At Mighty Oak, she has led campaigns for clients such as Netflix, HBO, Airbnb, and The New York Times. To date, their work has reached over 900 million views across platforms, receiving accolades from Vulture, IndieWire, BroadwayWorld and more.

She’s offered workshops on entrepreneurship and branded content at venues such as General Assembly, Etsy's HQ, Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) and Brooklyn's Northside Festival.

Program Structure

Call 1:

Meet & Greet

The first week is dedicated to getting to know your assigned group. You will discuss your background and goals. It’s the first step towards becoming a tight knit work group who support and collaborate on ideas to empower each others businesses and careers. are.

Calls 2-7


We will kick off each call with a short discussion on what everyone has achieved over the past week and which goals have been met. Gotta love that accountability!

Then it’s time to go deep and take turns jumping in to the hot seat. When it is your turn you will have the opportunity to discuss what you are working on and any issues you may be facing that week. Your mentor and group will offer feedback and advice to help you move past any struggles and steer you towards your goals.

Based on the results of the discussion, we will plan your next steps and goals for the following week. Even when it isn’t your turn in the hotseat you will always take something away from each call, as we learn and grow with each other.

Call 8:

Follow up

In the final call we look at what you have achieved over the last 8 weeks and help you to create a plan for the future. Setting out how you will continue to grow and strive towards your goals. Getting feedback and suggestions on your plan from your mentor and fellow Mastermind members.

Don’t worry we don’t just leave you there. You will have continued access to the Slack channel for at least 1 year where you can chat with your fellow students until your heart's content. Providing you with some awesome motion design friends you know you can count on.

What our students think

I've probably achieved more in the last few weeks that I did in 3 months last year – setting weekly and long-term goals has been a great benefit to me. Having others to push me and give me the confidence to do the things I have been putting off.

Donna McAvoy


When I joined the Mastermind we'd been planning to launch our new animation studio for almost a year, but client work kept getting in the way and our own business priorities fell to the side.

Joining at the start of the year was a great push to get our new website up and running. The weekly meetups kept me on track and it was great to have a team giving support and advice throughout the process.

Steff Lee

Kino Bino

I feel like I'm unlocking the hidden business side of myself and everything in the business process is getting easier like client management, networking, budgeting, etc.

Alex Johnson

Armadillo Motion

The Mograph Mastermind is a great place to voice my worries and have support with my business issues. When things get tough it can be overwhelming to deal with everything alone. Having the group is mentally helpful alongside the actual and concrete productive help.

Yaya Gadon

Yaya Studio

I couldn't be happier with how this mastermind has helped me grow! I've stepped outside of my comfort zone and explored avenues I didn't think I would.

Allison Butler


I had been procrastinating on starting a personal project, so the accountability and especially the hot seats in the mastermind really clarified next steps for me. I feel completely unstuck now. I also got a lot of valuable support when I needed to shift my focus to a membership site I was building. I am super happy I joined and so proud of all the great moves everyone in the group made!!! Hayley facilitated an awesome community of motion designers ready to learn, help each other, and grow together.

Austin Saylor


Applications open on 30th July for the September 19 Session.

Read our FAQs

You will be assigned your group based on your application. Considerations include which country you live in and what stage of your career you are at.

Category: Mastermind

It is important that you attend every call. We provide different call times to different groups. You can select a time that works for you when you apply. If none of the times work for you. You are welcome to apply to a future session. We may have different options for times for each session depending on the amount of groups happening at once.

Category: Mastermind

You have access to the Mograph Mastermind slack group for at least one year. The mentors pop in from time to time and you can continue communication with your group and the other students in your session and previous sessions. There are opportunities to join future mastermind sessions and 1 on 1 coaching is occasionally available for an extra cost.

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