How to build a sustainable career in Motion Design

An interview with Brian Gossett

It seems that every year or so something major changes in the world of motion design and freelancing in general. Keeping up with the changes means staying flexible as well as resolute in the way you work and find clients. Today’s guest has not only weathered these changes but continues to thrive.

Brian Gossett has been a motion designer and illustrator for fifteen years and works remotely as a freelancer out of Austin, Texas. His many projects have ranged from music videos to animated and live-action commercials, to editorial and advertisement illustrations.

Brian has been successfully making motion design pieces and illustrations for many great studios and companies and we chat about what it takes to build a sustainable career in this industry over the long run. Sometimes this involves using the services of an illustration agent and other times relying on your contacts within the industry.

As someone who has been working for as long as he has, Brian’s professional and personal priorities have changed over the course of his career. We discuss how shifting what is important to you as your career evolves is an important part of maintaining longevity in this field. Brian also shares what he has done to find clients that are happy to let him make creations that highlight his own unique artistic style.

What changes have you experienced in this industry? Let’s chat about it in the comments!

In this episode

  • The differences in finding work as a motion designer versus as an illustrator
  • The benefits that come with using an illustration agency
  • Why it’s a good thing to have shifting priorities as your career evolves over time
  • Ways to get client work that utilizes your own artistic style
  • Deciding if it’s worth it to use your personality to help establish yourself and sell your work
  • What happens when people throughout the industry are more transparent with each other
  • Why you should increase your rates every year
  • How to build a sustainable career in Motion Design


“The more markets you’re tapped into, the more work and potential income that will come in.” [8:19]

“It’s not just talent. It’s also being ambitious and going out of the way to find the people who are going to champion for you.” [29:28]

“If we can come out and share our rates, we are going to lift everyone else up.” [46:38]

“Instead of trying to be the new hotness, think of what’s the best approach to this industry where you can build a sustainable career.” [57:19]

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