How to promote and market yourself as a motion designer

An interview with Nick Campbell

As with anything, there’s a learning curve to 3D animation. There’s always more to learn and more ways for expertise to be honed. Knowing where to look for education and new skills can be tricky. Today’s guest knows this well and has created many resources that any 3D animator can start using right away. Nick and I also spoke about how to promote and market yourself as a motion designer.

Nick Campbell is the owner of Greyscalegorilla where he’s been helping 3D artists for over ten years by creating trainings, 3D tools, plug-ins, and other materials that artists need to get the job done. Considering that Nick started Greyscalegorilla as a photo-blog, it’s truly impressive what it has become. 

In our chat today, Nick shares the story of how Greyscalegorilla organically developed into what it is today. We talk about using your background to develop skills that you are passionate about and where to turn to for valuable lessons and instruction. As Nick has discovered, many times, the best teachers are still students themselves.

Nick is no stranger to negative criticism. He doesn’t let that stop him though. Sometimes its best to ignore it and other times it’s an opportunity to learn. We discuss the value of receiving all sorts of feedback and how it is an essential part of being an artist.

I ask Nick what would say to 3D artists who are just starting their careers. His advice is to just work on developing your skills rather than trying to be groundbreaking. Just as any musician starts out playing covers of other musicians’ songs, new motion animators need to hone their craft before they worry about being original.

Nick makes the point that marketing is not a bad thing. Many artists shun the idea of marketing. But in truth, all marketing needs to be is letting people know that you can solve the problem that they have and getting the word out that that is what you do.

What kind of resources do you use to develop your skills as an artist? Let me know in the comments!

In this episode

  • Combining your interests, skills, and passions into a single pursuit
  • Who the best people to learn from really are
  • Approaching negative feedback in a useful way
  • Why animators should work on being good rather than original when they’re just starting out
  • How to promote and market yourself as a motion designer
  • Why it’s fine to be a generalist but your marketing should be niche


“After Effects was such a piece of software that it opened my eyes to the possibility of what computers could do.” [7:02]

“I have this theory that all the weird jobs that we had growing up prepare us for what we ultimately end up doing in our life, even if they’re not connected.”[11:42]

“Don’t be afraid of critique. Don’t be afraid of feedback. By letting that happen, you’re actually building the tools you need to become a better artist.” [19:09]

“All marketing is solving a problem that other people need to be solved. If you are able to solve that problem and you’re not letting them know about, that’s on you.” [37:33]


Find Nick Campbell online at Greyscalegorilla

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