How to turn your Motion Design skills into smart income with YouTube

An interview with Premiere Gal

The possibilities that something like YouTube has for motion designers to help take our careers to the next level are truly amazing. But where do you start? How can you build an audience, find professional opportunities, create great content, and make it all worthwhile? Today’s guest has done all that and is ready to tell you how!

Kelsey Brannan, better known as Premiere Gal on YouTube, has helped countless motion designers up their game when it comes to creating amazing content. With over 130,000 YouTube subscribers, Kelsey must know a thing or two about connecting with her audience. Besides having her own amazing career making videos, she has made it her mission to share her expertise with people like you and me.

In this interview, Kelsey shares what it takes to start your own successful YouTube channel and make money from it. We also discuss some of the avenues available for making passive income as motion designers. Kelsey breaks down everything from finding the right affiliate programs to selling without “selling out.” Much of her advice is all about making good connections and following your interests. After listening to our chat, I’m sure you’ll feel more empowered and confident to get started on your YouTube channel too!

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In this episode

  • Why making your own instructional YouTube channel will help improve your skills too
  • Using YouTube as a way to get exposure and find clients
  • The pros and cons of selling templates as a form of passive income
  • Using affiliate marketing to make money while you sleep
  • Advice for motion designers who want to start their first YouTube channel
  • Why it’s not necessary to publish on any sort of strict schedule
  • Building the right relationships to get great sponsors


“If you want to up your skills in anything, definitely make a YouTube channel.” [7:25] 

“While it may seem like you’re just promoting template packs, you’ll probably get requests from a lot of different people who are looking for some custom graphics.” [16:51] “

It’s not selling out — it’s just being smart about how you’re presenting your work and working with good companies that believe in your voice.”  [28:45] 

“The great part about YouTube is once you have your channel and your audience, you can do other things and not have YouTube take over.” [36:36] 

“When you’re doing YouTube videos, think about how well you can present it uniquely and have fun with it. The last thing you want to do is have it be like a laundry chore.” [40:21]

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