How to attract your ideal client with content marketing

An interview with Andrew & Pete

As motion designers we create content for our clients. But how can we use the content we create for our own marketing purposes? How can we use it to get clients who don’t even know what motion design is? I’ve brought two guests on today who are going to answer those very questions!

Today we have Andrew and Pete on the podcast. They are content marketers who help small businesses grow and find customers through their company Andrew & Pete. These guys are great at explaining the often ignored, but incredibly crucial parts of marketing your skills and your business. Their goal is to help people like you and me succeed without hustling ourselves into the ground.

In this interview, we talk about your potential for helping businesses with their content marketing and so much more. We discuss the role that YouTube can play, how you can improve your pricing strategy, and the usefulness of Linkedin. We also talk about discovering the content that you can create that will entertain or help potential customers the most. This episode is packed with great and actionable advice that you can start using today.

How have you been marketing your business? Tell me about it in the comments!

In this episode

  • What content marketing is and how motion designers can play a part in it
  • How to use your content to attract your customers by making them feel happier or smarter
  • YouTube’s unique potential to help you attract the right kind of clients for you
  • Why it’s better to post nothing at all on social media than something mediocre
  • Tips for using Linkedin to help find and connect with potential customers
  • How to figure out if you’re charging enough for your work and why it’s probably time to raise your rates


“The beauty of content is that it reduces the need to be a bit more scrappy to get clients — having to go to networking events and stuff like that. We haven't been to a networking event for years and years because all of our business comes from our content.” [6:11]  

“You’re in a content pure industry because your customers do not care about how you do what you do. They don’t want to learn how to create motion graphics themselves…. But you need to remember that content marketing needs to make your customers feel happier or smarter.” [8:12] 

“I would rather you do an awesome emotional actionable entertaining animation once a month than four average ones once a week.” [27:21] 

“It’s really easy right now to stand out on Linkedin with good video. Not boring video, but good video. Animation, stop-motion graphics, anything like that would go down as such a storm on there if you did it really well.” [31:42]

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