One year of Motion Hatch what we have learned so far

Hayley Akins

Happy New Year Hatchlings! It’s a new year and time to reflect on 2018, what’s happened to Motion Hatch and this podcast, and go over my goals for next year. There’s a power to reflecting on the goals the goals we set, and I’m so glad you can be here with me as I do it. I hope this will help you reflect on your 2018 and set your own goals for next year.

Today, I’m going over the goals I set for the last year. Some of my goals went better than I could have hoped for, such as doing more speaking engagements. Other goals went in a completely different direction than I thought they would. That’s just fine though because they led to new and wonderful opportunities.

I also share my goals for 2019. From getting into mastermind groups to keeping my goals organized in a planner while I continue making this podcast, there is a lot in store for the year. The truth is, I couldn’t have done it without you. I am so grateful to all you listeners for helping make this all possible!

So it’s time to nurse your New Year’s hangover and set some goals of your own for 2019! I’d love it if you could share a goal or two of yours in the comments below!

Don’t forget to enter to win some sweet giveaways by tagging @motionhatch on Instagram or Twitter and use  #newyeargivaway. Tell me an episode you liked, what you learned, and a goal you have for 2019!

In this episode

  • Reflecting on my goals that I set for 2018
  • The way that setting goals make clear what our values are
  • What listeners like you are saying about the Freelance Contract Bundle
  • Being part of a mastermind group and the amazing things it can do for your business
  • Planning well so that you can find your purpose and then live it


“It was really awesome to look back and think oh, that’s what I was thinking about doing, and then some of it has actually happened. It was super incredible. It just shows you the power of putting stuff out there and thinking about what you want to do in your life and going for it.” [1:35] 

“If I didn’t have a mastermind I wouldn’t have Motion Hatch. I wouldn’t have my podcast. They just help me so much. It’s a great way to keep accountable and have accountability for your goals.” [14:57] 

“Finding your purpose means finding the way to use your unique skills or passions to live a fulfilled life.” [20:11]

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