Professional freelance contract templates made specifically for Motion Designers and Animators.

Working with clients can be tricky and lawyers can be expensive. All you want to do is make great work. The Freelance Contract Bundle helps motion designers and animators protect themselves and their businesses via two professional contract templates: Freelance Terms of Service Contract for day rate/hourly projects in-house, and a Commissioning Contract for direct-to-client work.

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What's Inside?


This two-part downloadable contract bundle includes:

Commissioning Contract Template

For freelancers and small studios working directly with clients for a project fee. Use this contract to create a Statement of Work (included) and provide Terms and Conditions.

Terms of Service Contract Template

These terms and conditions are for freelancers who generally work in-house with studios on a day rate or hourly rate.

Detailed instructions on how to use both templates, including an overview of what each contract covers.

Easy to complete highlighted sections with notes on how to adapt your contracts.

What do Motion Designers and Animators say?

Get The Freelance Contract Bundle

United States

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What does The Freelance Contract Bundle do?

The Commissioning Contract Template helps you:

Clearly define stages of work and deliverables.

Charge clients up front.

Set out payment terms.

Provide a licensing agreement.

The Terms of Service Contract Template helps you:

Get paid on time.

Charge a cancellation fee.

Protects you from being sued by third parties.

Clearly define working hours. 

The lawyers behind The Freelance Contract Bundle

Motion Hatch worked with two lawyers to create The Freelance Contract Bundle for the United States and the United Kingdom.

Jamie Lieberman

US Lawyer

Jamie has been a practicing lawyer in the United States for over 10 years. Jamie brings extensive experience drafting and reviewing contracts and advising clients on intellectual property issues. She is one of the founding partners from Hash-tag Legal and also runs The Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast where she chats about many issues facing freelance creatives and influencers.

Silvia Baumgart

UK Solicitor

Silvia is a Solicitor at James Ware Stephenson. Prior to that, she worked for 15 years in the creative industry. As General Manager of the Association of Illustrators, she initiated the campaign for fairer contracts for visual creators and represented the organisation at the British Copyright Council and the Creators Rights Alliance. At University of the Arts London, she led the development of Intellectual Property information resources and training for creative students and small businesses working closely with leading law firms specialising in IP.

Wise words from Industry Experts on our podcast.

We should all have a contract. Whether it’s a two-day job or a two-week job. If it's all in writing it will avoid a lot of misunderstanding, pain and ill will later on.
Lilian Darmono

Art Director and Illustrator, Australia

It’s a very important rule to live by, always have a contract. Not just for yourself but for your client as well. It’s important to protect both sides
Wednesday Animation Studio


It’s important to highlight those different stages (of a project) because if it gets a bit vague about when things are due everything goes chaotic.
Irene Feleo

Animator and Illustrator, New York

Why is the Contract Bundle going away forever?

We created the bundle because we know it solves a lot of the problems that you have in your motion design business. Like:

  1. Getting paid on time.
  2. Setting overtime fees.
  3. Creating Scope's of work.
  4. And more…
But we have huge plans for Motion Hatch! BIG plans coming up to help even more people around the world with their freelance businesses. So we are streamlining our product offerings to you and creating some products that will suit the wider audience.

Get The Freelance Contract Bundle

United States

United Kingdom

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