Discover Your Unique Voice & Find Work You're Passionate About

with Monique Wray

Sometimes we create outstanding work that doesn’t mean that much to us personally. Should you include it on your site anyway? Today’s guest suggests that we cut that out and only include the type of work that we really truly want to make. That will get you to the heart of using your unique voice to drive your business.

About Monique Wray

Monique Wray is a San Francisco based animator, illustrator, and director. She specializes in creating character focused illustrated and animated content for a wide range of companies.

What Makes You Unique is an Asset

As Monique pivoted her business from freelance to studio owner, she went on a mission of discovery to find her unique voice. There is something that differentiates everyone and sets us all apart.

Monique found that focusing on that not only helps her get noticed by clients but also leads to more personally fulfilling work. Simply put, when you present the work that you want to do the most, you’ll attract the clients who want to hire you to do that sort of work.

Being Yourself to Find the Right Clients for You

We all want to create work that gets us hired. Monique finds that doing so should not be separated from your values, identity, and the impact that you want to make.

It may take intentional work to discover or rediscover what those elements are, but it’s worth it. When your work is imbued with your values and identity, the right clients will resonate with it and be all the more eager to work with you.

How can your work reflect what’s personally important to you? Leave a comment on the episode page!

What unique elements are part of your work? Leave a comment on the episode page!

In this episode


  • Thoughtfully choosing the language you use to brand yourself [2:30]
  • Finding your unique voice as you pivot your business [7:00]
  • Overcoming fears of niching down while discovering your purpose [11:23]
  • Tips for discovering what makes you different as a motion designer [19:04]
  • The dangers of following trends and where to find inspiration [22:52]



“So many of us as creatives don’t do the obvious thing. Put out the work that you want to be doing and you’ll get the clients you want to get.” [11:04]

“So much of owning whatever it is for you as a creative is not worrying so much about what other folks think about your work. Especially when you niche down, it’s not going to be for everybody.” [21:32]

“We’re all influenced by something. What I think is important is taking those influences and bringing it together, infusing it with you and making something that is unique.” [23:50]

Key Takeaways

On your site and in your portfolio, only include the type of work that you really want to make. Leaving out other kinds of projects, even really good ones, and focusing on what drives you will ensure that you attract the right clients for you.


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Find Your Artistic Voice by Lisa Congdon

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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