The Best 2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Motion Designers

It’s that time of year again – Black Friday is here! Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s

no denying that it’s a great time of year for motion designers to grab some savings.

We wanted to do a quick round-up of the best 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for motion designers to save you time (and money!) when it comes to sourcing the best deals.

1. GreyscaleGorilla

The amazing GreyscaleGorilla are offering 40% off everything for one day only on December 9th.

If you were thinking about jumping into 3D design in 2021, now is the perfect time to take advantage of their annual membership to Plus (which usually costs $399 a year).

Their Plus membership is already valued at over $6000 for award-winning, easy to use plugins, 1400+ drag and drop materials, and hours of pro-training and exclusive new material collections only for plus members added in early 2021.

Make sure you take advantage of this time-sensitive offer.

2. Battle Axe

Battleaxe are leading developers of design and animation tools.

We’re super excited about their latest tool, Timelord, which allows you to transfer Photoshop and Animate layers directly into an After Effects comp and simplify frame-based animation.

They are offering 30% off all products with the code YAMS30, running from November 22-28.

Click here to explore their plugins.


3. Wacom Tablets

Wacom tablets are some of the best on the market for digital drawing and Black Friday is a great time for motion designers to invest in one of these market-leading tablets.

One of the best places to find Wacom tablet deals during Black Friday is Amazon.

This Wacom Intuos M tablet is just £134.00 in the Black Friday sale.

Explore other Black Friday deals on Wacom tablets.


 4. iPad Pro

Amazon are also offering some fantastic deals on iPad pros.

This 11 inch 2nd generation iPad pro is in the Black Friday sale for just £706.70

If you are looking for a more recent model, this 12.9 inch 4th generation iPad pro is on offer for £990.20.

Explore other Black Friday deals on iPad pros.


5. aescripts & aeplugins

Aescripts + aeplugins are heavily discounting some of their scripts and plugins for Cyber Monday.

Their sale starts on Monday 30th November.

Explore their Cyber Monday deals.


 6. The Futur

The Futur provide some of the best learning materials for motion designers and creatives out there.

For Black Friday, they’re sharing new bundle offers every few days. Right now, you can get an amazing deal on their Content Mastery Bundle.

In this bundle, you will learn everything you need to create and publish content that gives your brand the right kind of attention and establishes you as an industry-leading voice.

Take advantage of this time-sensitive offer – the cost of the bundle has been reduced from $696 to $499.

They also have different Black Friday deals dropping all the time, so make sure you keep checking back.

Our Founder Hayley was recently a guest on The Futur’s podcast. In the episode, she spoke about how she built an online community and gave her tips on how to overcome imposter syndrome.

Explore all The Futur’s Black Friday offers.


7. Cavalry

Have you tried Cavalry, the brand new app made for motion designers by motion designers? Well Cyber Monday is a great time to take advantage of this monthly deal.

The Cavalry Cyber Monday deal will be 40% off monthly professional subscriptions for your first 3 months which brings it down to just £12p/m.

The Trailblazer discount still applies to annual Professional subscriptions. The coupon code is CYBERMONDAY40 and is valid from 27th November to 4th December.

Explore Cavalry’s and get 40% off.


8. Domestika

Domestika is one of the largest platforms for online courses and for Black Friday they’re offering over 400 courses for an amazing £9.90 each.

They have some fantastic options if you’re looking to develop your skills in motion design and beyond.

Some of our favourite courses right now are:

 • Instagram strategy for business growth (this course is fantastic – we even recommend it in our course, Client Quest).

 • Transforming your creative ideas into personal projects

 • Character creation for animation: Shapes, colour and expression

 • Time management techniques for creators and creatives

So there we have it – a round-up of some of the best 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for motion designers.

We hope you get some brilliant deals.

Have we missed out a really good deal for motion designers? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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