Scale Your Design and Animation Business the Stress-Free Way

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Rocket Fuel Roadmap is our 8-Week Implementation Course and 10-month High-Level Group Coaching Program for experienced freelancers who are ready to scale.

Over 12 months we’ll help you to scale your business, make more money and manage your time efficiently. This freedom will allow you to work with clients that are aligned with your passions & have more time to spend with your family or work on your professional & personal development.

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 Everything you need to scale your design and animation business without feeling overwhelmed.

✅ 8-Week Systems Implementation course helping you to add systems to your business so you can save time to work on the projects you love.

✅ Accountability calls giving you the space and time to work on the important tasks in your business you’re currently putting off.

✅ Group Coaching Calls to answer all your questions about scaling a design and animation business.

✅  1-1 Hotseat Coaching Calls for when you have a project or big struggle you’re trying to tackle but you’re unsure how. (These calls will also be attended by the group so everyone can benefit.)

✅ Calls with Industry and Marketing Experts to give you the insights into running your business and answers to all of your questions.

✅ Access to our Private Rocket Fuel Roadmap Community where you can meet likeminded designers and animators on the same journey.

✅ Bonus Access to our signature course Client Quest [Value – £447] Client Quest helps you to get consistent clients so you know where your next project is coming from.

✅ Pay in full and save £1,000

✅ 30 day money back guarantee

What we will cover in our Systems Implementation Course.

Rocket Fuel Roadmap lasts 12 months and we kick off with our 8-week systems implementation course.

Step 1: Mindset

Your mindset around your business is the one thing that can help you to transform your business and your life.

As artists we all suffer from imposter system but having mindset systems to tackle these confidence issues is probably the most important thing you can learn.

You’ll focus on how you’re getting in your own way and you’ll figure out why you do what you do, doing this can catapult your business to new levels.

Step 3: Organisation and Time Management

You will create time management and organisational systems that work for you and your clients.

Keeping you on track and giving you more time to focus on your professional and personal development.

Helping you to get bigger and better clients working on the projects you love.

Step 5: Growth

Now you have a thriving business you’re probably going to need some extra help.

You’ll add growth systems to your business including how to effectively hire and onboard freelancers you’ll love to work with. You’ll also learn other ways to grow your business outside of your services.

Step 2: Goals

Maybe setting goals feels scary to you. You try to set goals but ultimately get off track.

You’ll learn our goals system to help you to break your goals into small actionable steps that will be achievable for you.

You will also make sure your business goals align with your personal goals so you can build your business in a way that works for you.

Step 4: Positioning

You’re a busy freelancer but what’s next where do you go from here and how do you work with bigger and better clients.
You’ll position and market yourself to attract the types of clients that you want whether that’s as a studio, freelancer or in your chosen niche.

Right now you believe:

You have to say yes to every client that comes to you to grow your business. You can’t scale your business whilst working less.

I’m here to tell you that’s not true! And this belief is what is holding you back from scaling your business.

There is a way to make more money and have more time.

Imagine what it will feel like when you are…

  • Working with your ideal clients you actually care about.
  • Scaling your business without it being scary or overwhelming.
  • Eliminating the “bad fit” clients with a simple repeatable system so you can serve only your best clients.
  • Having more time to focus on yourself, your professional development and your family.
  • Taking time off and not feeling guilty about it.
  • Feeling confident about the direction you’re headed and excited about your future.
  • Adding extra revenue streams to your business because you have time to develop your side projects.

Our Live Beta kicks off on 11th July. Enrollment closes on 8th July 11:59pm Pacific time. Booked and busy for the next few weeks? Don’t worry you will have access to the entire program and community for 12 months so you can work at your own pace.

Why you should join our Live Beta

  • You will be in a small group who are passionate about taking it to next level.
  • I’ll be teaching the course to you live every week.(Don’t worry, there will be replay’s)
  • You will have time each week to ask questions about the course content.
  • I will be asking for your feedback as we go so I can make it the best course possible for experienced designers and animators looking to grow.
  • The price will go up after the beta.
  • If you would like to continue working with us after 12 months you’ll be able to renew at the same price even if the price goes up.

Here is what some of our students have achieved since working with us!

What's The Investment?

Pay Off Your Balance Early for £1,000 Off Bonus

If cash flow is something you’re considering, one thing many of our students do is join us for £500 a month instalment plan, then upgrade and pay off your balance later. When you pay your balance off in the first 90 days of the program we will honour the pay in full bonus of £1,000 off.

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