12-months of personalised mentorship, support and accountability.

Balanced Business Bootcamp:

Your Guide to a Stress-Free,
Profitable Motion Design Business.

We’ll help you escape the daily grind, scale your business and attract your perfect clients so you can have the freedom to do what you love.

Hear what our students say:

Does this sound familiar?

  • I’m scared to take a vacation because I’m afraid of losing clients.
  • I’m overwhelmed with tight schedules, deadlines and client demands because I don’t know how to manage my clients.
  • I don’t have time to find clients I really love so I’m working with clients I don’t like just to pay the bills.
  • I’m working a lot and I don’t have time to invest in myself and my skills.
  • I’m trapped making generic work in the name of chasing money.
  • I find it hard to say no to clients in case they don’t come back to me.
  • I’ve tried to hire others to help but it hasn’t worked out because I spent all my time managing them.

You’re trapped in the never-ending cycle of work.

We know how easy it is to get caught up in the grind of client work and never take a break.
  • You work on a big project with a client that is all-consuming.
  • Once you finish that job, you come out of it with no work lined up.
  • So now you’re desperately looking for work, emailing everyone you know for referrals or recommendations when you finally get another job lined up.
  • You feel relieved, promising yourself that you’ll continue your efforts to look for work so you don’t have so much downtime next time, but then you get busy again!
  • You don’t have time to do outreach and marketing, so you finish this project and whilst you’re already feeling pretty burnt out you have to look for work again! And so the cycle continues….

Even if you’re making a decent amount of money doing this, if you’re not using it to buy back your time, you haven’t created a business, you’ve trapped yourself into another JOB!

The most important asset you have is your TIME.

When you have more time you can prioritise things outside of your work life that you care about.

Isn’t that why you went freelance in the first place, to have more freedom?

The one thing that separates burnt-out freelance motion designers and ones that have a thriving business that gives them freedom is a foundation of sustainable systems.

If you spend more time working ON your business rather than IN your business you can start to put systems in place which help you to free up your time.

When you add systems and structure to your business you can create an unstoppable machine that keeps your motion design business running smoothly so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Whether that’s making more creative work, making more money or spending time with your family.

That’s why I created Balanced Business Bootcamp.
Hi, I’m Hayley,
I’ve spent the last 15 years working in the motion design industry. For the past 5 years I’ve been teaching and coaching freelance motion designers and small studios on how to start, run and grow their businesses. I started Motion Hatch in 2017 after being frustrated by the lack of information out there about building a successful motion design business.

Since then I’ve seen the most common challenges that hold many motion designers back. This has given me insight into what works to build a business that’s in your control and gives you the freedom choose how you spend your time.

From coaching and teaching motion designers and studio owners to build the business that excites them, I’ve distilled the best strategies I know down to create this program and help you to build a motion design business that experiences sustainable growth and feels authentic to you.

Let me show you how.

Brands I’ve worked for:

If you’re ready to take control and build a business
that gives you the freedom you deserve…

Join me in Balanced Business Bootcamp.

Create your business plan with a solid foundation of sustainable systems built to suit you and the life you want:
  • Go from burnt out to stress-free

Build a foundation of sustainable systems to help free up your time so you can do the things you love.

  • Learn how to attract your dream clients.

Work with your perfect client so you can spend time making projects you love and are proud to share.

  • Conquer your goals

Set small actionable steps with yearly, quarterly and monthly planning and reviews so you can achieve your big goals.

  • Get Inspired

Join other likeminded motion designers and take a look behind the scenes of Industry Experts and studio owners growing their businesses.

  • Go from scared to confident

Discover what’s holding you back and what you need to change to catapult your business to the next level.

  • Go from overwhelmed to organised

Use ready made time management and organisation systems to help you tackle tricky clients and keep yourself on track.

  • Create your freelance roster and steal our hiring systems.

Get the right help when you need it and onboard hires easily so you don’t have to spend all of your time managing them.

What’s included?


Student Community Network

Access to our powerful student community with like-minded motion designers.


Group and 1-1 coaching from Hayley through our Business Clinics and Live Q&A sessions.

Guest Expert Masterclasses

Go behind the scenes with studio owners, freelancers and business experts for live masterclasses and Q&A’s.

Accountability Co-Working

Drop in sessions, giving you the time and space to work on your most important tasks.

Sustainable Systems Foundations Course

5 modules based on our 5 Pillars of Growth to help you to scale your business.


Systems Templates

Templates you can use straight away in your business.

Growth Plan Dashboard

Keep track of your progress and achieve your goals.

BONUS: Client Quest

Unlock access to our course Client Quest for free.

Our Bootcampers care about making sustainable progress over time…

We have just 20 spots available. Do you want to join?

Who is Balanced Business Bootcamp for?
It’s for the smart motion designer who wants to grow their stress-free sustainable business to give them freedom to do the things they love.
Balanced Business Bootcamp is for you if:
  • NYou want more from your business and you’re committed to getting it.
  • NYou’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.
  • NYou’re looking for long-term solutions to achieving your business and life goals, not quick fixes.
  • NYou’re ready to put in the work to get your ideal clients and build the best business for you.
  • NYou’re already freelance or are building your own studio.
  • NYou’re making over $50,000.
Balanced Business Bootcamp isn’t for you if:
  • MYou’re in a full time job or you’re looking to go freelance (see Client Quest - that’s your course)
  • MYou expect results overnight and you’re not willing to put in the work.
  • MYou aren’t looking to be an active member of a supportive community. Balanced Business Bootcamp is a social experience.
  • MYou’re not ready to test your ideas and give new things a try.

Student Experience and Results

Kelly Kurtz

Balanced Business Bootcamp Student

Lee Williams

Balanced Business Bootcamp Student

Manuel Does Motion

Balanced Business Bootcamp Student

John Filipkowski

Balanced Business Bootcamp Student

The Balanced Business Bootcamp Experience

In Balanced Business Bootcamp, you’ll kickstart your journey by completing our Sustainable Systems Foundation course which guides you through the 5 pillars you need to grow any motion design business.

Sustainable Systems Foundations Curriculum

Step 1: Mindset Systems

Your mindset around your business is the one thing that can help you to transform your business and your life. As creatives we all suffer from imposter syndrome, having mindset systems to tackle these confidence issues is probably the most important thing you can learn. You’ll discover the things that are holding you back and what you need to change to catapult your business to the next level.

Step 2: Goals Systems

Setting goals can be overwhelming and it’s easy to get side-tracked. You’ll learn our Goals System to help you to break your goals into small actionable steps that will be achievable for you. You will also make sure your business goals align with your personal goals so you can build your sustainable business that works for you.

Step 3: Time Management and Organisation Systems

You will create time management and organisational systems that work for you and your clients, keeping you on track and helping you to manage tricky deadlines and demanding clients. You’ll free up time to find bigger and better clients and work on the projects you love.

Step 4: Positioning Systems

You’re a busy freelancer but what’s next? Where do you go from here? We’ll teach you about how to position yourself in the industry, which will enable you to move towards working with your perfect client without losing your current level of income. You’ll learn how to market yourself to attract the types of clients that you want, whether that’s as a studio, freelancer or in your chosen niche.

Step 5: Growth Systems

Now you have a thriving business you’re probably going to need some extra help. You’ll add growth systems to your business, teaching you how to effectively hire and onboard freelancers you’ll love to work with. You’ll find out how to spot opportunities in your business for further growth so you can easily hit your goals, whether that’s more money or better clients.


You’ll learn and grow alongside likeminded motion designers.

You’ll join a powerful network of passionate motion designers achieving their business goals.

Each member will build out their profile on the Circle platform, so you can search and connect together direct via DM. Perfect for reaching out for a chat with another freelancer.

We post regular challenges to help you take action and encourage each other.

Our students are encouraged to post regular updates on what’s working for them and their struggles to get support, advice and feedback in between our live calls.

Our community is where you’ll find your support system for your business and build friendships you’ll keep for years to come.


All sessions are recorded and available online, so if you can’t make it live, you can always catch up with the replay.

Work with me directly live on video every week.

Live Q&A Coaching Sessions

Held each month where you can ask any questions that come up about your business or our course curriculum.

Accountability Calls

Co-working sessions to keep you on track and to help you take action, giving you the space and time to work on the important tasks in your business you’re currently putting off.

1-1 Business Clinics

Regular 1-1 coaching sessions are available If you need additional help and support to work through a problem or discuss a project you’re working on. These will be also attended by the group to give you their insight in the chat.


Guest Expert Masterclasses

Speak to marketing experts, motion designers and studio owners who are running successful businesses. We’ll regularly ask you who you want to speak to or host a masterclass.

Recent and upcoming guests include:
Photo of Brad Hussey

Sandar Van Dijk

Photo of Brad Hussey

Cabeza Patata

Photo of Brad Hussey

Kwame Christian

You’ll also get access to the back catalogue of over 20 hours of live Q&As!

And more…

Track your Growth with our
Growth Plan Dashboard

Tracking your progress is vital to achieving your goals. We’ve all signed up to courses and not completed them.

You don’t need another course, you need to build your own sustainable systems, surrounded by a supportive and likeminded community – which is exactly what we’ve built.

You’ll get access to our Growth Dashboard which gives you a clear overview of what you need to complete each week, making it easy to track progress. Think of this as the companion to your business. It’s a resource to help you grow in the way you want not another task on your to do list.

Systems Templates

You’ll have access to our Notion System Templates, which you can use straight away to support your business. Including Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly Planning Templates, Hiring Kit, Systems Process Dashboard and Client Project Management Template. Our template library is continually growing based on our students’ needs.

BONUS: Access to our course
Client Quest (Value £447)

We include our course Client Quest which helps you to build a system to get clients consistently. We believe this is the foundation for any great business which is why we’ve included it here for free. You will get instant access to Client Quest when you join Balanced Business Bootcamp.

Ready to invest in your business?

If you choose to enroll with the payment plan, you’re 100% responsible for completing all payments. This isn’t a membership that can be cancelled. It’s a 12 month commitment to completing your payments.
Feel confident in your decision.

Peace of Mind

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you watch the video lessons, complete the deliverables and show up to our live coaching sessions and you still don’t find our program valuable, we’ll happily give you a refund.

Real Experiences

Reach out to our Alumni

Check out testimonials from our students and hear more about what they thought about the course.


Ask Us

Get an Honest Opinion

The success of this course and our business depends on our students’ success. If we think the course isn’t right for you, we will tell you and point you to resources that are a better fit. So get in touch. DM us on Instagram or send us an email hello@motionhatch.com.


What's the difference between this and the Client Quest course?
Client Quest helps you to gain regular high paying clients using our Freelance Funnel System. It’s step 1 to starting your freelance business. If you already have a decent amount of clients, take our quiz to see if Balanced Business Bootcamp is a good fit for you. In Balanced Business Bootcamp, we help you to build systems throughout the whole of your business so you can scale sustainably. We include Coaching Calls, Accountability Calls and Expert Calls.
How many hours do I need to dedicate each week?
Usually our students dedicate 2-3 hours a week. But our Sustainable Systems course is available to be watched at your own pace. Our live coaching calls are 1 hour a week so you can attend these and take our 12 week Sustainable Systems course when it suits you.
I want to launch a side hustle is this for me?
Many of our students are happy with their freelance business already but are looking for another way to scale, this could be through productised services, online courses, products or templates.
Do I need to know what my goals are before joining this course?
In Module 2 we help you to figure out your long term goals and break them down into small actionable steps.
Is this just for people who want to build a studio?
This is for high-level freelancers and studio owners who are looking to scale their businesses sustainably. You must be a few years into your business and be making over $50k to be accepted into the program. Usually our students are at least running their businesses for 1-2 years and are ready to take it to the next stage.
I’m busy or taking a vacation during the course, will I be able to get most out of it?
Our program is 12 months long so we expect that everyone will be on vacation at some point during it. You can always catch replays of any live calls. And our Sustainable Systems course is self paced.
I already run a studio, is this for me?
We’ve worked with multiple studio owners in this course and our past courses too. If your goals are to build a sustainable business that helps you to achieve your business and personal goals then this course is for you. It’s especially helpful for studio owners as you transition from working on the tools to being in more in a leadership role.